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Thanks to the support of our donors, Market Forces’ campaigns have already shifted hundreds of millions of dollars away from institutions that fund environmentally destructive projects. With your help, we can do more:

  • Take on the banks funding environmental destruction
  • Campaign to get our super funds to keep our retirement savings out of dirty coal, oil and gas expansion
  • Empower the community to shift their money from banks and super funds invested in environmentally damaging projects
  • Support shareholder activism and lodging shareholder resolutions, which holds banks and companies to account
  • Fund newspaper ads, billboards, posters and online ads targeting bank and super fund executives

Market Forces is not funded by governments or big business, and we don’t accept money from any organisation or company that could compromise the independence of our work. Everything we’ve achieved in ten years has been delivered by people power.

Please support our campaigns by joining us as a monthly donor. Even a small amount every month will help us achieve big things for our environment. 

Please note: donations made to Market Forces via this website are not tax deductible.

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